To begin, go to the google play or apple store on your phone and download the POM Safe app.

  • Open the POM Safe app and select "Sign up with POM personal" to begin creating your account.

  • Scroll through the short tutorial, then select "Create Account."

  • Enter your credentials on the account registration screen.

  • When creating a password you must meet the security credentials by using a minimum of 12 characters that includes at least one uppercase letter, one lowercase letter, a number and a special character such as "!" or "?".

  • Once your information is entered select "Create Account." A code will be texted to your phone. Enter the code into the app to confirm your account.

  • Your account is now created. Follow the on-screen tutorial to connect your POM device and set up your one-hold features, and create your profile.

View this video for more tips!

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