How to connect your POM

Explore the information below to help pair your POM Device with your phone's Bluetooth.

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To pair your POM device with your phone's bluetooth for the first time, follow the steps below:

  • Go to the POM app and click the circle on the top left that says "Connect POM"

  • Hold the side button down for about 5 second until you hear "Power on"

  • Press the side button on your POM device 3 times. You should feel a vibration each time, then hear "Reset"

  • The app will search for your POM. Keep them close to each other. This may take a few moments.

  • Your phone will ask permission to pair. Select "yes" and your POM should make a ringing tone. Select "Yes, my POM is ringing"

  • Your POM is now connected. Feel free to make a test call.

Follow along with this video for additional tips!

To reestablish bluetooth connection with a POM device that has previously been paired to your phone, follow the steps below:

  • Ensure the device is powered on and close to your phone, then tap the "re-connect POM" button in the app

  • In your phone’s settings, reset your bluetooth by switching the toggle off, then on again

  • If your POM does not connect, tap “reset bluetooth and nothing happened” on the bottom of the screen in the app.

  • In your phone’s bluetooth settings, click the info icon next to the listed POM device and select “Forget device"

  • Return to the app and select either “Gen 2” or Gen 3” depending on the model of device you have

  • Follow the on-screen tutorial that will walk you through reseting and pairing steps

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