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POM Safe Best Practices

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Best Practices for POM

Charge your POM

Charge your POM once a week until the center ring light is green.

Check connection frequently

Check your connection by tapping the center button, or by opening your app.

Turn POM On to reconnect after 2 hours

If your phone is powered off, or your POM is out of Bluetooth range for more than two hours, your POM will power off to preserve battery life. Power POM back on before checking connection.

Keep app running

Keep your app running in the background on your phone. It does not need to be on screen, but does need to be running to maintain connection.

Things to note:

- A flashing POM = A disconnected POM! Make sure your phone and POM are both are on and in range to reconnect.

- A blue light ring = Battery is getting low. Check your app for an exact percentage.

- If you turn your work phone off, turn your POM off, too, to preserve battery! Keep your devices next to each other when you’re not working to remember to bring your POM with you.

- Turn on your phone connection notification setting (top left corner -> settings in your app) to be notified if you ever disconnect from your POM.

- Contact us for help at support@getthepom.com!

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